What is the JGAA?

The Junior Golf Association of Arizona is a 501(c)(3) corporation, a charity, and relies on fund-raising activities and donations given to the association by clubs, corporations and individuals. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. The JGAA governs and promotes junior golf in the State of Arizona. It introduces non-golfing juniors to the game, establishes golf programs at schools, assists golf courses with their Junior programs, conducts major junior golf tournaments in the state, and administers the Tres Arnold Scholarship Fund.

Become a member of the JGAA?

Full membership in the JGAA is open to all boys and girls who are at least 8 years old and have not reached their 19th birthday or entered college. Membership is calendar based and will expire December 31st each year. A membership is required for participation in any JGAA program. Check back in November for the exact December date we will open the 2022 membership.


How do I play in JGAA tournaments?

Online tournament entry is available under the Tournament Schedule portion of this website. All online tournament entries must be received in the JGAA office prior to the stated deadline/closing date. If you have any trouble registering for an event, feel free to call the JGAA Staff at our offices, (602) 944-6168.

**To participate in a JGAA Summer event, all JGAA Members will be required to attend a JGAA sponsored rules clinic.**

Rules clinic?

FYIs! Any junior who wishes to play in JGAA Summer events must attend a Rules Clinic. Rules Clinic participation is NOT mandatory for fall, winter or spring participation. New members who have joined after the clinics have completed, must complete an online rules quiz located here.

Where can I find an instruction program for my child?

The JGAA does not offer a specific instruction program for new golfers at this time. However, we will help direct you to the proper place if you need information. Most local area golf courses offer summer instruction programs that are designed for beginners and experienced alike. To find a junior program near you, visit the Instructors & Clinics section of our website, where you can find information on local junior golf programs.

What is a good age for a child to begin playing golf?

It really depends on the individual child. For most it is a matter of physical strength. When the child can hold a club over their head in a “set” position, they are probably ready. Before that wiffle balls and plastic clubs are fine. Lessons should not begin until the age of 5 or 6 as the attention span is not sufficient to make something of the instruction..

It's my first time to a JGAA Tournament, what do I do?

First of all know when your tee time is. Starting times are published by the JGAA on this website, under the Tournaments section. They will also be emailed or texted to the email or cell phone number you provided in your JGAA Membership Registration Profile. Tee times are available 3 days before the first round. Arrive at the golf course 45 minutes to an hour prior to your starting time. You must register at the registration table and be present at the starting tee 10 minutes before you tee off. Make sure to have plenty of golf balls, tees, gloves and no more than 14 clubs. Be sure to wear a sunblock of 15SPF or stronger and always carry a water bottle which should be filled and DRINK WATER FREQUENTLY!

How do I know my starting time?

Starting times are published by the JGAA on this website, under the Tournaments section. They will also be emailed or texted to the email or cell phone number you provided in your JGAA Membership Registration Profile. Tee times are available 3 days before the first round. After the first round, tee times will be determined by score.

Can I use a caddy?

Caddies may be utilized at match play events only. Caddies will NOT be allowed for stroke play events OR any playoffs. The JGAA will allow pull carts at all tournaments, subject to the host golf course approval.

How do I get a Handicap?

When you become a JGAA member you automatically receive a handicap through the Golf Handicap Network (GHIN) which is published monthly. A handicap will be established after five 18-hole scores are posted. After a handicap has been established, scores may be posted by the golfer at any local golf course. Handicap cards can be printed at any local golf course. The JGAA will no longer send out handicap cards. All tournament scores must be posted by the JGAA member.


Where can I see the results of tournaments?

Tournament scores will be updated as the players finish their rounds. Refer to the Tournament Schedule and click on the event for which you need results information, and then click on the corresponding age division.

Are spectators allowed?

Spectators are allowed at ALL JGAA tournaments, unless otherwise stated in the tournament information page. Please refer to the JGAA Spectator Guidelines.

What determines the age group the junior plays in?

Age groups for all JGAA tournaments will be determined by the age of the competitor on the stated “Age Group Determination Date” for each event. That is, the age of the child on the last day of the tournament. Age groups will be as follows except when noted on the tournament entry form:

10 & Under / 11-12 / 13-14 / 15-18 Regular / 15-18 Championship

What happens when I'm on the waiting list?

When the tournament has received more entries than tournament spots available, a waiting list is formed on a first come-first served basis. As spots open in the tournament field due to withdrawals, the players next on the waiting list are put into the tournament. Players coming off the waiting list into the tournament will be notified by phone.
JGAA Waiting List Policy

Can I use a distance measure device, electronic device or cell phone?

The JGAA will permit the use of distance measuring devices by players. The devices must measure distance only, and not other factors (wind, slope, etc). Players CAN’T use cell phones/ electronic devices during the round, and can’t use distance measuring apps on cell phones. Also players CAN’T wear/ use smart watch (ie= apple watches) that have texting capabilities.

How do I withdraw from a tournament?

To withdraw from an event, notice must be given to the JGAA office or Tournament Director prior to your starting time. Withdrawing from an event will not affect future tournament play, although, failure to withdraw will be considered a “NO SHOW” (See NO SHOW policy). You do not automatically receive a refund. (see refund policy).

Can I volunteer?

ABSOLUTELY! The JGAA relies on the tremendous support of the community and individuals such as yourself, who share a concern for the betterment of the Junior Golf Program. Please call the JGAA office at 602-944-6168 and we will be happy to get you involved.