The JGAA will be strictly enforcing our Withdraw and Refund Policy outlined below. This includes No Shows / No Cards.

The JGAA has adopted the following Withdraw Policy below, with the regard of reporting results to Junior Golf Scoreboard (JGS).

There will be no more reporting of JWD (Justified Withdraw). The “Justified Withdraw” will not exist. All Withdraws will be listed on the JGAA website, and reported to (JGS) as Withdraw (WD).

This is a recommendation from the Junior Golf Scoreboard organization. This policy has been adopted by other junior golf organizations, including the AJGA (American Junior Golf Association). Please see outline below.

A player who withdraws before the event starts, will not be listed on the website. In terms of refund/ credit for this type of Withdraw, please see the bottom of this page.


Disqualified – DQ:
Reserved for actual USGA Rules infraction that occurs without a deliberate or managed intention.

Report to Jr Golf Scoreboard: Yes

Withdrawal – WD (updated):

Reserved for a deliberate voluntary action or decision not to continue play after started a competition and turned in a score for the entire stipulated round.

Report to Jr Golf Scoreboard: Yes

No Show – NS:

Completed one or more rounds and fails to report for tee time and previously has not notified anyone.

Report to Jr Golf Scoreboard: Yes

The Player is disqualified from the next JGAA event for which the junior has previously entered (invitational or open entry).

No Card – NC

After having begun competition – a deliberate decision not to sign or turn in a card walks off the gcourse, etc.

Report to Jr Golf Scoreboard: Yes

The Player is disqualified from the next JGAA event for which the junior has previously entered (invitational or open entry).

Examples provided to us by Junior Golf Scoreboard:

1)     Player tees it up, plays a complete or partial stipulated round, walks off without turning in scorecard for any reason –  NC (Deliberate decision by player)(report all scores for rounds completed)

2)     Player tees it up, plays, signs card, does not call or speak to an official, fails to show for next round – NS  (Deliberate decision by player by not coming to course, calling or speaking to an official)(report all scores)

3)     Player plays, signs card, actually comes to course reports late for tee time or calls to acknowledge being late, – DQ (While this might be deliberate, giving benefit of the doubt)

4)     Player calls to say they are sick – WD

5)     Player tees it up, plays, signs card, notifies official that they will not be playing next round,– WD (Deliberate decision by player to withdraw) )(no need for obtaining reason) (report all scores)

6)     Player unintentionally fails to sign scorecard  – DQ (Unintentional action by player)

7)     Player fails to sign card after being given an opportunity to do so – NC (Deliberate decision by player)(report all scores)

8)     Player notifies official after the completion of a round they have a hurt back, feel sick, have to leave, strained wrist they are withdrawing. WD (Doctor’s notes no longer matter)


To withdraw from an event before the 1st round, including an invitational, notice must be given to the JGAA Tournament Staff. To withdraw, call the JGAA office or 602-944-6168 or Email Tournament Director Lexi Sobieski

  • All refund requests, online or other, must be in our office before the Closing/Deadline Date of the event.
  • After the entry deadline, and more than 3 days out from the 1st round, only ½ of the tournament entry fee will be credited to the players account if they request credit when they withdraw.
  • Less than 3 days out and when round 1 pairings are posted, there will be no refund issued.
  • The amount credited will be the amount originally paid, minus a $10.00 per tournament handling fee.
  • Refunds will be automatically credited to the players’ credit account. The credits can then be used to enter future JGAA events.
  • If a player would like their refund to be issued back to the credit card used for their original entry, they must contact the JGAA office to make this request.
  • When requesting a refund in writing, please include the members’s name, age, address and the name and date of the tournament.