How to Establish a Handicap Record (WHS)

The Junior Golf Association of Arizona strongly urges all tournament participants to establish a World Handicap System (WHS) account. This WHS record is provided free of charge to all JGAA members, 18 years of age or younger, through the Arizona Golf Association. The JGAA assigns a Golfer ID (GHIN#) to each member upon joining the organization.

Login Credential Registration & Score Posting
Score posting is available in the following outlets, once you have an Active record and been afforded your WHS GHIN# assignment. If you have any questions or issues, please reach out to a local staff member in the golf shop where you played, or the Junior Golf Association of Arizona for additional support.

Approved WHS Score Posting Outlets:

  • -or- GHIN mobile app. Once your WHS record is active, you will need to register a login credential (password), in order to access your account at or within the GHIN mobile app (free download). Click the CREATE PROFILE option on the login page of either GHIN posting outlet to get started.
  • website. This WHS account management website will host separate login credentials than in use to access your record at or GHIN mobile app, above. To register at, an alternative score posting outlet, use the LOGIN/POST A SCORE button, then SETUP USERNAME/PASSWORD option afforded.
  • (Limited) If a SCORE POSTING KIOSK is available in the clubhouse of the golf facility you played, you may use the ‘Guest’ score posting option. Please input your assigned GHIN Member Number or Name to identify your record, then fill out all related score information from your recently played round.
    • **Special Note for Junior Golfer’s 12-years old (or younger)- Due to Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA), no ‘minor’ aged 12-years old or younger (based upon birthdate on WHS record) would be eligible to register a PERSONAL login credential at the GHIN or AZGolf posting outlet(s) listed above. Instead, to gain online access to score posting, please contact JGAA staff and confirm a GUARDIAN who would be eligible to setup a login on behalf of the Junior player.

Handicap Index Assignment
To be issued an official WHS Handicap Index assignment, representative of the golfer’s demonstrated skill and eligible for use in any NET/Handicap competition or casual round, AT LEAST (3) 18-hole score postings to the new record must be entered (can also be posted as combination of 9-hole score entries). As you continue to play more rounds, please try to post by the end of the day of play to assure your Handicap Index is always up-to-date, as recalculations for assignment are accomplished on a nightly basis.

Please note that if a member becomes 19 years old and/or elects not to renew their annual membership, the handicap record will be inactivated on the JGAA roster as of December 31st.


Boys and girls may also post at the Arizona Golf Association website:


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