How to Get a Handicap

The Junior Golf Association of Arizona strongly urges all tournament participants to establish a handicap. This service is provided free to all JGAA members, 18 years of age or younger, through the Arizona Golf Association and the Arizona Women’s Golf Association. The JGAA assigns a handicap (GHIN) number to each member upon joining the organization.  To establish your handicap record you will need to log at least (5) 18-hole score postings.  Maintain your handicap throughout the year by posting all your scores each and every time you play. Ask for help in the golf shop if you are unsure as to the procedure to post your score. It is your responsibility to post your own scores.  An easy way to post a score is:

  • Log onto any AZHN Network GHIN score posting kiosk at a local golf course by clicking “Guest and IGN Posting”.
  • Click either ‘GHIN Number’ or ‘Name Lookup’ button on the top of the page, enter the necessary information below and click ‘Next’ to locate your account.
  • Follow instructions on the screen to log any score postings.

Boys may also post at the Arizona Golf Association website:

Post a Score Boys!

Girls may also post at the Arizona Women’s Golf Association site:

Post a Score Girls!

At the site you may register your handicap account and upon login be afforded a ‘Post a Score’ option.  Scores may also be logged on your Apple or Android smartphone through the ‘GHIN Mobile’ app, available at no fee through iTunes or Google Play.

Please note that once a member does not renew or is too old to renew their membership, they will be removed from the JGAA Handicap Service.