The JGAA has partnered with the Notah Begay III Junior Championship. Two JGAA events, the Tucson Conquistadores Spring Classic and Antigua Milt Coggins, are both Local Qualifiers.

In addition, there are two Local Qualifiers being conducted by the Notah Begay Committee.

CLICK HERE for more information on the local Qualifiers, regional Qualifiers and Championship, and the Notah Begay III Jr Championship website.

JGAA events that are Local Qualifiers:

Tucson Conquistadores Classic: April 24-25

Antigua Milt Coggins: June 8-9

Local Qualifiers conducted by the Notah Begay III Championship Committee:

Phoenix Local Qualifier: May 9th

Phoenix Local Qualifier: June 11th

Regional Qualifier: July 12-13

**Must be exempt or qualify at a local qualifier