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2016 Quintero Cactus Cup

By May 12, 2016June 16th, 2016No Comments

On May 7th & 8th, the 2016 Quintero Cactus Cup was held at Quintero Golf Club. The Founder team looked to repeat from 2015, which came down to the last match of the final day. The team match play event consisted of 36 holes on Saturday and 18 Holes on Sunday. The two teams, Founder and Charter were comprised of five boys and four girls who were paired by their respective captains.

The first match out on Saturday was individual match play pairing one boy from each team against each other. The second through fifth matches out paired one boy and one girl from each team against one another in a Four-Ball format (modified alternate shot). The second round on Saturday consisted of one individual boys match and four Foursome matches (best-ball) paired in the same manner (different teams) as in the morning.

On day two, boys compete against boys and girls compete against girls in singles matches. Sunday is straight up match play, where the leaders can run away and hide or the trailing team can come roaring back. The latter was not in the cards for the Charter Team on this particular Sunday, the Founder Team found themselves running away with The Cup. The Founders clinched the title and retained the Quintero Cactus Cup with matches still out on the course. The Founder Team may have won this year but every player earned their position and had already won before the first ball was hit.

IMG_1341 (640x419)

Founder Team:

Jake Carlson
Rachel Fujitani
Ali Hameed
Ashley Ohland
Sara Padilla
Noah Robinson
Sam Sandland
Jack Seigel
Jack Whisler

IMG_1346 (640x419)

Charter Team:

Nic Beno
Patrick Fernandez
Emma Lower
Branden Meyer
Megan Ohland
Aaron Ramos
Anne Transier
Alyzzah Vakasiuola
Jonathan Walters

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