Preston Summerhays (JGAA class of 2021) handing a ball to Henry Newkirk (JGAA class of 2029) at the 2022 NCAA Men’s Golf Championships at Grayhawk Golf Club. Image courtesy of Sun Devil Athletics.

Joining generations of JGAA members past and present, our goal is to reconnect with you, the thousands of JGAA alumni who went on to form the backbone of your local communities. Your stories give present members valuable insight into the limitless possibilities ahead of them – both on and off the golf course.

“It’s a powerful motivator for our juniors to see the positive, real-world results of learning and applying the life lessons baked into the game of golf,” said Scott McNevin, JGAA Executive Director. “This initiative boosts our mission to educate, motivate and inspire future leaders through the game of golf.”

Our digital platforms will serve as the confluence, where JGAA alumni are encouraged to fill out the below online form to reconnect with JGAA administrators to create a basic profile, which lists a few biographical bullet points.

For past JGAA members, the searchable profiles will be a source to share “what they are up to” and “where they are now,” with content focusing on professional, personal and family life, as well as inspiring accomplishments, which may – or may not – include golf.

Likewise, an “Alumni Headlines” blogroll was added to the website, diving deeper into inspiring alumni stories and accomplishments, and the JGAA’s social media channels will feature much of the same content as well as opportunities for interaction that these platforms provide.

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