Testimonials of past JGAA players:

Jake Chanen
JGAA: 2005-2016,Thunderbird High School – 2016 graduate
Sophomore at Grand Canyon University

Being a part of the JGAA has meant a lot to me, and even though I’m not as involved as I once was, it has given me lifelong friendships and shaped me into the person I am today. The manners and poise I possess on the golf course are all thanks to the JGAA. I learned a lot about the game through the organization, and it’s been extremely impactful on me.

I began playing in the JGAA when I was eight, and I still maintain most of the friendships I built since then. It was always great going to tournaments every weekend knowing I was going to see and possibly play with my best friends. At the end of the day that’s what this game is all about. Passion, friendship and honesty. And the JGAA has taught me nothing less than that.

Brett John Wilson
JGAA: 2004-2012, Red Mountain Mesa HS Graduate – 2012
Senior at Grand Canyon University

No matter how well I hit it, or what the outcome was, every JGAA experience shaped my life and golf career for the better. JGAA events brought me lifelong friendships, the joy of tournament golf, and a dream to play at the highest level one day. My experience of playing the JGAA for almost exactly 10 years not only taught me how to succeed in the sport but how to become a gentleman.

The JGAA shaped my life in a way that brought me smiles. I learned proper manners, good sportsmanship, and to put things in to perspective. Not every round of golf will turn out smelling like roses but the JGAA taught me to make the best of everything. There are some people that lose interest in the sport of golf, and since I picked up my first club when I was 3 the JGAA made me love the sport even more to this day.

I started off playing Division 1 College Golf at Colorado State University and after my sophomore year I transferred and continued my division 1 college career at Grand Canyon University. I am so grateful and blessed to be back in Arizona chasing my dream to play on the PGA Tour as Lope. I’m back where it all began, where the Junior Golf Association of Arizona showed me how to succeed on and off the golf course.

Marissa Muir
JGAA: 1991-2003, Canyon del Oro HS Graduate – 2003
Director of Tournaments and Special Events
The First Tee of Phoenix

Growing up playing golf in the JGAA, I was able to make lifelong friends, really elevate my golf game to play Division I college golf and develop a passion for the game of golf.

Cori Alberdi
JGAA: 1996-2001, Horizon HS Graduate – 2001;
Director, LPGA*USGA Girls Golf of Phoenix

The Junior Golf Association of Arizona played a major role in my development as a competitive junior golfer, collegiate golf scholar as well as stepping stones into a 14+ year career in the Golf Industry. As a junior, I did not travel outside the state so my strong competition & competitive experience was based on the local JGAA program. The JGAA formed my idea of what an event should be, I formed lifelong friendships & it created a platform for me to stand in the industry as a professional tournament manager.

Marty Jertson
JGAA: 1987-1998
Globe High School
Colorado School of Mines – Mechanical Engineering – 2002
Engineer – PING Golf

Focus, morals, vulnerability, luck, courage, endurance, winning, losing, humility, perseverance, playing by the rules, and shaking hands on the last green no matter what. These things come to mind when I recall my years competing in the JGAA – and the lessons learned that live with me every day. Junior golf played a large part in my self-discovery – identifying and fostering character traits that help me invest in career decisions that led to where I am today. The JGAA just gets it when it comes to fostering the sport we all loved as junior golfers, and continue to love for a lifetime. Regardless of where we have ended up, all of us who have competed in JGAA events are indebted to the staff, sponsors, volunteers, host facilities, and parents who have invested in the importance of junior golf in Arizona.