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Mr. Palmer

By September 26, 2016No Comments

We are deeply saddened after hearing of the passing of one of the game’s greatest ambassadors, Arnold Palmer. No words can describe what Mr. Palmer has meant to the growth of the game and junior golf. To say the least, golf would not be the same without him, he truly was “The King” and no one will deny

It’s hard to believe that Mr. Palmer is gone. He has been a part of the game of golf for such a long time that it is hard to imagine golf without him. Arnie is the guy that made golf cool; a leader, a champion and a friend to almost every golfer who has ever picked up a club. You can’t mix lemonade and iced-tea without thinking of the timeless legacy this legend has bestowed upon us.

Here’s to an amazing golfer, a class act and an unbelievable ambassador to the sport we all love. Rest in Peace Arnold Palmer.