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May 2015: Officially Declared As Arizona Golf Month

By May 21, 2015June 16th, 2016No Comments

The month of May has officially been declared Arizona Golf Month. The month-long celebration offers a host of special promotions and golf activities including daily fee and club play, practice, lessons, merchandise and more. Each golf club is encouraged to create their own unique set of benefits to suit their operation as well as their guests.

In an effort to maximize the great weather through the month of May before it heats up for the summer, the three Arizona Amateur Golf Associations have all agreed to support and promote May as Arizona Golf Month. It’s a celebration; a chance to thank the loyal golf community; an opportunity to enjoy special pricing and promotions; and a new way to increase participation in the game for a lifetime.

As we say goodbye to a great 2015 high season, let’s look forward to a fantastic summer season loaded with affordable and attractive golf for all to enjoy.