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A More Modern Approach to the Rules of Golf

By March 2, 2017No Comments

Rules are meant to be…changed.

Ever think the rules of golf are a bit confusing? Just about every golfer on the planet would agree. The nature of the game itself creates myriad situations and conditions resulting in a multitude of rulings ranging from counterintuitive to silly.

To their credit, the R&A and the USGA recently proposed a number of changes in an effort to modernize the Rules of Golf – an exercise taken up five years ago. They started with 33 items organized into eight categories ranging from “Ball at Rest” to “Player Behavior.”

The JGAA looks forward to the debate that will inevitably follow these recommendations.

To get the scoop CLICK HERE!

There you’ll find a complete explanation, overview, history, and info graphics to help sort through the new recommendations and what they will mean to the future of the game of golf.