The Junior Golf Ambassador Program is the civic and leadership development arm of the JGAA. Participation in this program will help instill the values of civic responsibility and leadership with junior golfers and will further position JGAA as a valuable partner in the community.


The JGAA Junior Golf Ambassador Program is a cadre of junior golfers and is designed to serve the community as an organized group of volunteers for charity and golf throughout the Valley.

What’s in it for the juniors?

The Junior Golf Ambassador Program will teach civic responsibility and leadership development skills. It will provide a resource for middle and high school student members of the JGAA to earn service hours for school requirements. Additionally, participation in the program will serve as a college resume builder for the members.
Depending on hours committed, Junior Golf Ambassadors will have the ability to earn special designations as well as special recognition at the Junior Golf Ball.

Benefits of participating in the program:
    • Scholarship Eligibility: JGAA currently offers two scholarships annually with plans to add additional scholarships associated with the Master’s Series events. Membership in the Junior Golf Ambassador Program is a requirement for scholarship eligibility.

    • Community Service Hours: Most local middle schools and high schools require students to take part in a community service hour program. Junior Golf Ambassador Program participation will allow youth to meet their service hour requirements through events orchestrated by the JGAA.

    • Junior Golf Ball Recognition: Eligible members of the Junior Golf Ambassador Program will be invited to, and acknowledged at, the annual JGAA Junior Golf Ball.

    • Ambassador Recognition Day: Each year, a special day set up exclusively for Junior Golf Ambassadors will be hosted as an award recognition day for their contribution to the organization.

Requirements for participation:
    • Current JGAA member in good standing
    • 13-18 years old*
    • Annual commitment to 10 hours of community service
    • Minimum Grade Point Average of 3.0
How it Works:

If you would like to be an Ambassador, visit the

JGAA Junior Golf Ambassador Registration Page

Once you are registered as an Ambassador, emails will be sent out to you with volunteer signups. Be sure to keep an eye on your email, events can pop up with little notice. We are excited to have your interest and hopefully your participation!